3 Reasons Why Meal Prepping is the Key to a Successful Fitness Journey!

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March 19, 2018
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January 4, 2019
3 reasons why meal prep is the key to a successful fitness journey


I, personally, have meal prepped religiously for the last 8 months or so and have to admit, it is one of the reasons I have gotten this far in my fitness journey (still have a long way to go though=). Meal prepping ensures you have all of your meals prepped beforehand so you can spend your time enjoying other activities (like watching Netflix=). My goals are mainly to gain muscle and lose fat and in order to achieve this, I have to watch the foods I eat very closely or I could easily backtrack and lose progress. Diet is the #1 component/key in any fitness journey so anyone, regardless of your goal, can benefit immensely from meal prepping.


Meal prepping is a useful tool because you are preparing all of your meals ahead of time so you are less likely to fall off of the wagon. You can place your meals for the whole week in tubberware containers and put them in the fridge for safe keeping and pop a meal out whenever you get hungry. The convenient part about this is that if you have a busy life (most of us do!) and you know you are going to be running errands, heading into work, dropping the kids off at soccer practice, etc., you an easily take your meal with you to eat on the way or when you get to your destination. You are less likely to stop at that Chik Fila on the way to work=). Just an fyi, I do allow myself 1 cheat meal a week.

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You also get more disciplined over time and this simple act starts to provide discipline in other areas of your life. Forming productive and proactive habits, helps you reach other goals more quickly and efficiently. Trust me, when you start making meal prepping a habit, working out and making healthier choices will be an easier decision to make because your brain is altered to keep these good habits.

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Meal prepping makes it easier to track your macros. It is critical to track at the start of your fitness journey so you can learn how much food you can eat in a day and also make sure you are getting in all of your macronutrients and micronutrients on a daily basis When I prep my meals in advance, I weigh all of my ingredients and write down the weight of each item on a sticky note. Doing so can make it more convenient to track your food’s weight on apps, such as Myfitnesspal (you won’t guesstimate and risk going over/being under your calorie budget).

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There are many benefits to prepping your meals ahead of time; this habit ultimately leads you into a successful fitness journey and transforming your body. Preparation is your ticket to success! Remember to crush it at the gym but also be aware of what you’re fueling your body with.