Cheat meals vs. Cheat days – Episode 7

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August 27, 2019
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September 10, 2019

In this week’s podcast, we talk about our differing mindsets and personal experiences with cheat meals and cheat days. Anthony and I both have differing views and have had different experiences and relationships with food throughout our lives. I explain that I have more of an addictive mindset regarding food, while he eats food to live and thinks nothing more of it.

I think there is more of a cultural reasoning behind this in how we grew up and how our families treated food. Anthony’s family is Seventh Day Adventist and has been vegetarian for most of their lives. On the other hand, every gathering my family had was based around food and alcohol and this shaped my mind to believe food is more than sustenance to live, it is delicious and there has to be lots of it. Also, I’m a sweet tooth (which doesn’t make things any better) and Anthony gets headaches when he eats too many sweets (this helps him keep his portions small or stay away from them completely).

Regardless of our differences, we both agree that if you change your mindset and way you think about cheat meals (and even what you call them), this could help with food addiction and prevent someone from binging and overeating. Everyone has the power to change/reroute their thoughts into more positive ones. We also touch on the topic of not even partaking in cheat meals and just eating the foods you crave while staying within your caloric budget. This can prevent you from binging on that one food that you’ve been craving all week. Also, we mention some alternative, low calorie, high protein options for ice-cream, candy, pizza, etc. that can be consumed for cheat meals instead of going all the way in.

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