CheckIn – How are your resolutions going Ep 22

New year same bad habits Ep 21
January 7, 2020
Is it good to weigh yourself daily? Can scales be wrong?
Hold up weight a minute – Fitness Podcast Ep 23
January 22, 2020

How to avoid falling off track at the beginning of the year

Let’s face it, many beginners starting their fitness journey start off the New Year extremely motivated to reach their goals, only for that motivation to fizzle out and they quit. With this in mind, in this podcast, we talk about ways people can stay dedicated and avoid this from happening in the future. It is a fact that everyone on their journey will make mistakes along the way but as long as you are able to analyze those mistakes and make certain changes to avoid them from occurring again, you are succeeding! Remember, it’s mostly a mental game! Some of the tips we give are: don’t get distracted by other’s journeys on social media, following the two day rule regarding working out and getting someone else involved in the process for encouragement. Thanks or listening & supporting!

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