Do or do not Ep 17

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You are what you eat Ep 16
November 7, 2019
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Can we maintain a plant based diet Ep 18
November 19, 2019
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The risks we’ve taken and why we desperately need to take more

In this week’s podcast we start off by explaining the technical definition of a “risk”. We then list some of the risks we’ve taken in the past, which we realize are mostly negative and came to the conclusion that we actually do not take enough risks with possible positive outcomes. With this in mind, we chat about some challenges that we can start by overcoming in order to get to a place in life where we can start taking some massive risks. Some examples of these challenges are to be able to communicate and network with the right people to get job opportunities and to start building up our client lists for our side businesses so we could make the leap of quitting our 9-5 jobs and venturing solely into our own company. In the end, we mention what we would like to do in life if these challenges weren’t even in the picture and we were able to take these risks without experiencing any fear whatsoever. Please like, subscribe, share and let us know we’re doing! Thanks for supporting! Peace! Where to Listen: itunes Spotify Google Podcasts soundcloud stitcher tunein Follow Us