Habits that changed our lives Ep 9

Why is Therapy Important for Trauma Survivors and what are the benefits?
September 12, 2019
Misconceptions about Cardio and Weight Lifting Ep 10
September 24, 2019
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In today’s podcast, we talk about some habits that we’ve already incorporated into our lives and also some that we plan on adding into our daily lives to continue improving ourselves and our lives. Anthony mentions some health and fitness habits that have helped him like tracking calories and macros, meal prepping, morning workouts and drinking a gallon of water. I talk about how budgeting has helped my financial status and also helped increase my credit score. I also talk about how intermittent fasting helped me reach my fitness goals a lot quicker and that I want to incorporate it back into my daily life. We also mention some habits that we want to start incorporating into our daily lives such as meditating, journaling, reading, getting more sleep and revisiting our passions, like painting. What are some habits you would like to start incorporating into your daily life? Remember to subscribe and visit our FB page to leave comments/ratings. Thanks for your support!

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