Hold up weight a minute – Fitness Podcast Ep 23

CheckIn – How are your resolutions going Ep 22
January 14, 2020
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Well, not just fitness – Fitness Podcast Ep 24
January 29, 2020

Is it good to weigh yourself daily? Can scales be wrong?

In this week’s podcast, we talk about the misconceptions regarding using scales to measure weight and progress. Usually, people like using scales because they find it easier to measure their progress with simple numbers they can easily compare and they make them feel more in control. We touch on our personal experiences with scales as well and talk about the mistakes we’ve made when using them in the past. We leave listeners with a few tips to consider if they decide to use a scale to weigh themselves. Some of these tips are: only weigh yourself while in the right mindset, remember weight goes up and down daily due to hormones, water weight, etc. and consider using a body fat scanner or pictures to measure progress as well as a scale. Thanks for listening! Continue supporting our podcast and feel free to give us some topic ideas for the next episode.

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