New year same bad habits Ep 21

I’m Dreaming of a Meatless Christmas – Ep 20
December 27, 2019
CheckIn – How are your resolutions going Ep 22
January 14, 2020

Is making New Year’s resolutions beneficial?

In this week’s podcast, we reminisce and contemplate on whether we met last year’s resolutions and go over some reasons we may not have been successful in completing a few. We explain how important it is to start by planning and recognizing step one before automatically jumping to step ten, making your resolutions/goals more reachable. I have an issue, where fear holds me back from even starting step one and Anthony jumps ahead to step ten, finding it overwhelming and not completing the full task/goal at hand. We speak on our biggest weakness being “following through” when starting any habit and explain how important it is to start by changing your habits before even focusing on vague resolutions. We mentioned some changes we are going to make next year such as incorporating more cardio into our routines around the holidays in order to take preventative measures when overeating is imminent around the holidays. Also, since I’m a food addict and have been all my life, Anthony won’t give me a heads up when we have cheat meal days until we all get home so I am less likely to mess up my diet starting that morning. It’s important to find ways around your weaknesses so you can ultimately reach all of your goals for next year!  Thanks for listening and supporting! Leave us a comment and let us know how we are doing!

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