Tumeric, Lemon energy balls

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May 15, 2016
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March 22, 2017

Here’s a recipe I’ve been dying to try since finding it on Pinterest; the ingredients have a ton of health benefits! Tumeric, lemon energy balls! Tumeric has so many benefits such as being an anti-inflammatory, increases the antioxidant capacity in the body and lowers brain disease by improving brain function. Lemon boosts the immune system, aids digestion and helps you lose weight! These benefits and more made me want to get into the kitchen and make these right away! The balls are rich in fiber, vegan and great to grab on the go! Here is the recipe:

  • -dried dates (softened in water)
  • -oats
  • -almonds (I used sliced)
  • -Chia seeds
  • -lemon juice (4 tbsp)
  • -lemon zest (1 tsp)
  • -vanilla extract
  • -ground flax seed
  • -tumeric
  • -shredded coconut for dusting

First, soften the dates in water. Add to food processor along with all other ingredients. Make a doughy consistency and add water if too thick. Make dough into balls and apply shredded coconut around the ball. Place on cookie sheet and refrigerate. Can freeze for up to 3 months!

I enjoyed these little snacks. They’re the perfect size to monitor your portions and they tasted great. The lemon flavor just made them pop! I will most definitely be making these again for the convenience and health benefits!