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Cheat meals vs. Cheat days – Episode 7
September 3, 2019
Why is Therapy Important for Trauma Survivors and what are the benefits?
September 12, 2019

You may be wondering why we even started this podcast and what our long-term goals for this new endeavor, ur podcast may be. In this episode, Anthony and I sat down and spoke on our motivations and our past and how far we’ve come since meeting five years ago.  We’ve both encountered a lot of obstacles, which we struggled through but overcame such as, moving to a new city without having anything at all, having to use our skills to make a small income and making mistakes along the way and also asking for a raise after being a loyal, hardworking employee for many years. These were obstacles that led us to our current vision of working for ourselves and not having to deal with a typical “boss” and working for someone else’s vision.

We mention all of the benefits of working for yourself such as, the importance of owning our own time and being in charge of our own opportunities. We also mention the difficulties of this process such as, knowing your worth so you can charge your clients more accurately and make a profit. It is difficult to work for others but in a way challenging to work for yourself because you have to be proactive at all times. Working for other companies is a more consistent check as long as you do the minimum but you can be let go at any time and in the end, you are working towards someone else’s dreams, not your own. Creating your own business is not for everyone but we’ve decided a while ago that it is the most fitting choice for us!

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